The Advantages of Loft Conversions for your Surbiton Home

There are many advantages that come from turning lofts into attic conversions. With more and more homeowners in Surbiton utilising unused space in their homes, loft conversion specialists like Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd are here to help in optimising space that could ultimately be turned into a liveable and loveable bedroom or home office.

On this page, we list some of the many benefits loft conversions from Jones Brothers can provide for both you and members of your family.

Picture of Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Services

Add Value to Your Home

Loft conversions add value to homes by up to 15%. As Surbiton is a very desirable place to live for professionals, converting a home to make room for an extra bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, or creating a playroom for the kids, makes perfect sense. Attic conversions also mean that you save a fortune in staying put rather than looking for a bigger home to accommodate you and your family.

We find that our clients, by and large, want to stay where they are rather than change their children’s schools and generally alter their routines. As loft conversion specialists for the whole of the Surbiton area, we can make a difficult decision for you an easy and wise one.

Local Landlords Love Loft Conversions

Landlords love lofts. By adding an extra bedroom to a Surbiton home, this enables a landlord to get more bang for his buck as he can rent the room out to a student or a house sharer. Quality loft conversions may seem like a pricey investment at the outset but, within a short time, it could be paid off in rent collected. If you have a property in Surbiton you’d like to let, talk to us today about how we turn lofts into profit!

Attic conversions hold a far more productive advantage than single-storey house extensions because attic conversions don’t take up any additional space at your Surbiton property. House extensions eat into your garden or driveway and also need planning permission. Unless we’re structurally altering lofts, you won’t need to worry about planning permission.

As loft conversion specialists, we’ll go through every aspect of loft conversions with you, step by step, before work begins at your Surbiton property.

Give us a call today on 0208 393 8545 and we will talk through the advantages of loft conversions for your Surbiton property.