Loft Conversions in Carshalton

Since our establishment in 1998, Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd has installed countless loft and attic conversions, in residential properties around Carshalton. Based in Ewell, our loft conversion company specialises in difficult, hard to access and awkwardly shaped lofts that other companies refuse to deal with. We also install custom-made staircases to help maximise the space in your home, without losing the use of an existing room.

With more than 25 years’ experience as loft conversion specialists, we can help you choose the right type of conversion to suit your property, needs and budget.

The master craftsmen at our loft conversion company undertake the following styles of attic conversions around Carshalton:

Dormer Loft Conversions

This is the most popular choice for attic conversions in Carshalton, and involves reshaping the roof to provide more internal space and headroom. We construct a vertical wall from the base of the pitched roof to create a box-shaped extension, capped off with a flat roof. Our loft conversion specialists handle many different styles of dormer lofts, so be sure to choose the one which suits your taste and needs.

Bonnet dormers, for example, are a picturesque option but result in less internal space.

In most cases, a loft conversion company can undertake dormer attic conversions without planning permission.

Hip-To-Gable Loft Conversions

Simply put, these attic conversions extend the sloping hip of an existing roof structure to create a flat gable end. This results in spacious lofts, particularly suited for traditional semi-detached houses, as in most cases the newly installed staircase can go over the existing stairs, reducing the loss of living space.

Our loft conversion specialists blend hip-to-gable lofts seamlessly in with your existing property in Carshalton, and can combine them with a rear dormer loft conversion to really maximise your living space.

Also perfect for end of terrace, chalets, bungalows and detached houses.

Mansard Loft Conversions

Very similar to dormer lofts, except that the front face slopes at roughly a 70˚ angle, blending more seamlessly into the overall roof structure. We typically construct these attic conversions at the rear of a property in Carshalton, particularly with terraced houses in densely-packed urban areas.

Our loft conversion specialists usually house the windows in dormers for a more pleasing aesthetic.

Mansard lofts generally require planning permission before a loft conversion company like ours can begin, due to the amount of construction work involved.

Velux Loft Conversions

Velux or rooflight attic conversions are perfect for most properties in the Carshalton area, as there is no need for any construction work to extend or alter the existing space. Our loft conversion specialists simply install Velux windows into the pitch of any existing roof, increasing the influx of natural light into the room to utilise the living space to its fullest potential.

With Velux lofts, there is no need to get planning permission beforehand, which makes them ideal for properties in conservation areas where restrictions may apply for other types of attic conversions.

Thanks to our extensive experience installing Velux windows, our loft conversion company fits standard windows as well as upgraded versions, such as those with the added feature of a rain sensor, which detects rainfall and closes the windows.

Why Choose Us?

Whichever style you choose from our range of attic conversions, Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd has the knowledge, experience and personnel you need – even for hard-to-access, cramped loft and attic spaces.

Our loft conversion company offers a 10-year guarantee on all projects in the Carshalton area, and provide public and employer liability insurance for your peace of mind.

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