‘Cheap’ Loft Conversions in Chessington


A popular search phrase on the web among customers in and around Chessington is, ‘where can I get a cheap loft conversion’?  Of course the word ‘cheap’ is very much a relative term. It is certainly true that well-built attic conversions can add as much as 20% to the value of your home and cost less than many other types of extensions.


Yet if you are hoping to find a reputable loft conversion specialist in or around the Chessington area willing to undertake the work for a couple of thousand pounds, the experts at Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd in Epsom believe you will be disappointed…


There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Cheap’ Loft Conversion


Loft conversions built to a shoddy standard - which they certainly will be if you find one for a very cheap price - will not provide decent return on investment, nor will they make the best use of the space you have available. Yet, most importantly, these conversions may make Chessington lofts unsafe.


Here at Jones Brothers Ltd, we offer high quality loft conversions at a highly competitive price to many satisfied customers in Chessington and its surrounding areas. We ensure all lofts we work on give you value money, maximise your comfort and keep you and your household safe.


A Viable Way to Save Money on Loft Conversions


If you or your partner are handy at DIY, then you can save yourself a small fortune by converting your loft on your own. Many DIY enthusiasts in and around Chessington hire our loft conversion specialists to do the major structural work before doing the rest themselves.  These ‘shell loft conversions’ can save you quite a bit of money as long as you know what you’re doing.




If you are looking for builders offering very cheap attic conversions, be wary that using a bargain basement solution could end up costing you more in the long run, especially if things go wrong. The way to get around this is to seek out loft conversion specialists offering the best value for money for clients in Chessington and its surrounding areas.

If you live in Chessington and would like more information, please call Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd on 020 8393 8545!