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Over the years, loft conversions have made up much of our work here at Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd in Epsom. As a result, we have a reputation as reliable conversion specialists. Converting lofts make complete sense. After all, by creating an upstairs area that utilises the roof space, we can easily double the number of bedrooms in your property. In fact, most bungalows leave 40% of the available space unused as a result of the huge loft space they possess.


However, bungalow loft conversions do create a few challenges. Yet fortunately for our many clients, we are able overcome any such problems with ease. Our company have been converting lofts for domestic customers since 1998. Over the years, we have learnt about the few disadvantages and many advantages of conversions, listed below.


Disadvantages of Converting Lofts in Bungalows


The fact is that converting the loft of a bungalow in Esher or elsewhere, also means adding a second floor to a building that was not designed to accommodate one. As a result, our loft conversion specialists may need to underpin the internal and external walls to help some bungalows cope with the added burden of loft and attic conversions.


As experts, we will be able to confirm whether or not this is necessary. In some bungalows, tight access and unusual shaped lofts can also be a problem for some companies, but our loft conversion specialists are skilled at finding solutions to difficult loft conversions. This being the extent of the disadvantages we encounter when creating bungalow attic conversions in and around Esher, they remain a practical and cost effective option.


Advantages of Converting Lofts in Bungalows


Loft conversions are an easy way to make full use of the space in bungalows that would otherwise be left unused. Bungalows built prior to 1960 are especially ideal properties for attic conversions. This is because the traditional style of construction ensures they have very large and open lofts with load bearing walls.


In addition, pre-1960 bungalows in Esher also have roofs with very steep pitches. This offers readymade headroom and removes the need to add a dormer, unless you wish to increase the amount of available space in your loft even further. Modern bungalows have shallower roof pitches but can still be converted successfully by our loft conversion specialists.


To see bungalow conversions we have completed, do not hesitate to contact us to see examples of our previous work in Surrey and South West London.

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