Five Major Benefits of Loft Conversions in Leatherhead


Loft conversions, quite understandably, provide numerous benefits for property owners in Leatherhead and the surrounding Surrey area. As genuine loft conversion specialists based in Ewell, we like to make our customers fully aware of these benefits when we come out to survey their homes. We have a great reputation as a loft conversion company that puts the client first, with a qualified team able to convert lofts in several different styles.


Even if you haven’t considered loft conversions seriously until now, we’ll be happy to visit you anywhere in Leatherhead or Surrey for an initial chat – always without obligation – and to explain the benefits our loft conversion company can provide. If you’d rather know how our converted lofts can change your living experience now, please read on.


1 – More Room


Our loft conversion specialists can transform underused lofts so you don’t even have to consider moving to a new house, potentially to find a bigger property. Moving home can incur significant costs and you’ll often find yourself paying much more than a conversion, especially with the mortgage payments. If you have a property in Leatherhead which can’t accommodate a growing family, our experienced loft converters are here to help.


2 – Increased Home Value


While your property is a home first, it is also an investment into your financial future. Our loft conversion company can help you to capitalise on that investment with stunning projects which increase overall property value. Typically, loft conversions add roughly 20% to the value of homes in Leatherhead. With the right additions, however, and based on the current design of lofts, that figure can sometimes be considerably higher.


3 – Extra Storage Space


Not all loft conversions are designed to provide more living space for customers. Some are just fed up with the everyday clutter that has built up around them, and our loft conversion specialists help by creating bespoke storage space which capitalises on available room. Many lofts are already used for storage but space is rarely optimised. We integrate compact storage facilities to free up space inside your Leatherhead home.


4 – Better Energy Efficiency


Lofts have a tendency to lose heat, particularly when there has been no money spent on providing better levels of insulation. Loft conversions are fully insulated during the working process so, in addition to having a new room to use at your Leatherhead home, the property itself will benefit from greater energy efficiency and you benefit from lower utility costs. Our loft conversion company can even advise on how much you could expect to save.


5 – A Creative Spark


While most loft conversions are used as extra bedrooms or living spaces, we can turn lofts into anything your imagination desires. The loft conversion specialists at Jones Brothers have already transformed lofts into man caves, cinema rooms, play rooms for children and even gaming room for the keen Xbox and PlayStation enthusiast. In fact, we can undertake a loft conversion for just about any purpose you have in mind.

Call our loft conversion specialists today on 0208 393 8545, to find out more about the benefits of loft conversions. We convert lofts for homeowners in Leatherhead and Surrey.