Three Tips for Loft Conversions by Specialists near Oxshott


Here at Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd in Epsom, our customers in Oxshott and all over Surrey are important to us. With this in mind, our loft conversion specialists have a few tips to help our customers get the best from their lofts…


1) Ensure Your Loft Conversions are Done Properly


If you think that your loft is wasted as a storage space and could be more use as a living space, then a loft conversion is the obvious choice to make. Well-built loft conversions should make homes more valuable, as well as making them more attractive to buyers in Oxshott or elsewhere.


Hiring the wrong loft conversions firm will not give value for money, nor will they make the best use of the space available. With our attic conversions, we can give you the perfect master bedroom or guest suite at an affordable price. Lofts with a lot of ready-made headroom may even accommodate an extra bathroom or shower room, in addition to a bedroom and built-in storage.


2) Make the Most of the Available Space in Your Loft


Loft conversions typically cost between £20,000 and £40,000. The exact amount will depend on the type of conversion, size and specifications we have for any particular loft in or around Oxshott. The easiest and least expensive loft conversions are those with only skylights, as they do not alter the line of the roof. However, this will not be the ideal solution for those requiring lofts with a lot of space and head height.


In these cases, we would recommend building out the roofs to create lofts with more usable space inside. In the experience of our loft conversion specialists, this usually creates more satisfactory results for clients in Oxshott and its surrounding areas.


3) The Main Space Should Be at Least 2.2m High


To be suitable for conversion, the loft’s main space should be at least 2.2m high, although the ideal height is 2.5m and above. In most cases, the steeper the pitch of your Oxshott roof, the more suitable it is for conversion.

For more information on our attic conversions in Oxshott and the wider Surrey area, please get in touch. Call Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd of Epsom on 020 8393 8545 today!