Seeking Planning Permission for Loft Conversions in Tadworth


According to a survey by building society, Nationwide, loft conversions can increase the value of the average home in the UK by around £37,000, yet some of our clients in and around Tadworth are initially hesitant to deal with the hassle of gaining planning permission to convert their lofts. But never fear…


Some Attic Conversions May Not Need Planning Permission


Due to legislation that came into force back in 2011, you may not need planning permission; this will depend on the type of upgrades you wish to undertake on your Tadworth home. In fact, homeowners all over England can now extend their roof space without planning consent as long as it meets certain conditions. Attic conversions are considered Permitted Developments if they meet the following criteria:


  1. Work being undertaken on terraced houses does not exceed 40 metres³ and 50 metres³ in the cases of semi-detached and detached houses.
  2. You include any previous roof extensions in this volume allowance. This includes work undertaken by a previous owner.
  3. The loft conversions do not extend beyond the plane of the existing roof slope if the principal elevation fronts a public highway in Tadworth, or anywhere else.
  4. All materials that you or your chosen loft conversion specialists use is similar in appearance to those used on the existing house.
  5. No part of the extension is higher than the highest part of your existing roof.
  6. Any side-facing windows employ obscure-glazing and are non-opening. Exceptions can be made in the case of parts that are more than 1.7 metres above the floor of the room.
  7. Roof extensions are set back as far as is practical and at least 20cm from the original eaves (along the roof plane).
  8. Attic conversions do not overhang the outer face of the wall of the original house.


Loft Conversions that Require Planning Permission


With these restrictions in mind, dormer, mansard and hip to gable loft conversions do require planning consent. Yet as loft conversion specialists with a great reputation in Tadworth, we would advise that the types of attic conversions are very much worth the hassle.


This is because they will add the greatest value to your Tadworth home. They will also add comfort and flexibility as they help to make better use of the available space in lofts that would otherwise be left unused.

To find out more, or to see some of our previous work in lofts throughout Tadworth and its surrounding areas, please call Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd (Epsom) on 020 8393 8545!